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Welcome to the Hazel Ridge Workshop & Gallery Web Site,
home of Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen and his family.

Hazel Ridge Farm is an enchanting
40 acres of wildlife habitat
located 11 miles north-east of
Lansing in the township of Bath
Michigan. The original house and
barn were built around the turn
of the century. Gijsbert and Robbyn
have transformed a once working
farm into a naturalists delight.

Woodlots have reclaimed farrow
fields. Wildflowers, flowing with
color and life, have replaced acres
of wheat and corn. Natural and man
made wetlands full of wildlife and
flora are interspersed throughout
the property. On the property are
colorful flower and delicate butterfly
gardens, with 5 miles of trails
intertwining several ponds, woodlots,
wetlands,and open fields.

The farm has a separate rough-sawn

cedar gallery for Gijsbert's artwork
and doubles as a classroom. The
garden shed shown below was added
in 2008, built by Gijsbert from
reclaimed materials.

For over twenty years the
van Frankenhuyzen’s were licensed
wildlife rehabilitators. The farm’s
unique eco-system became a safe haven
for many of the orphaned and injured
animals that they nurtured back to health.
Although they do not foster wild animals
anymore, Gijsbert and Robbyn are able to
share their love of nature through art
and words. Their award-winning Hazel Ridge
Series are true stories of many of the
injured animals they released back to the
wild. The van Frankenhuyzen’s visit schools,
zoos, libraries and nature centers sharing
with children and adults the value of
journaling, the joy drawing and the
importance of protecting our natural world.

Garden Shed      Hazel Ridge Barn 1914


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